The Book Of Shadows


rochelle: I have been a long time fan of charmed. I still watched the reruns I didn't even know that charmed:reset reality exist how do I watch it. Is it on dvd or online. Jan 30, 2013 2:50:45 GMT -5
Astral Echo: CRR is in the form of scripts not actual filmed episodes. If you go to the Premiere Suite you can currently ready from Seasons 1 (4) to 3 (6). Feb 1, 2013 10:32:27 GMT -5
Avatar112boy: What happened to the layout? Is it just me? Feb 5, 2013 15:50:22 GMT -5
Chris: Whoaaaa this place changed!! I really love it, too! Feb 25, 2013 20:03:03 GMT -5 *
rusty: Hi is this site open? Apr 18, 2013 18:45:26 GMT -5
rusty: Rochelle Charmed Reset Reality is not a tv show, so it won't be on dvd anywhere. It's this board. Apr 19, 2013 14:56:59 GMT -5
Chris: The site isn't really closed... you can still read the episodes. But the people behind C:RR has pretty much moved on persay because of school and their careers. Apr 19, 2013 21:50:08 GMT -5
Prince Charming: Good to know Chris :-). Hope it will be a new season soon May 18, 2013 2:57:59 GMT -5
Piper Halliwell: If I want to add new episodes (Seasons), who do I contact? Jun 12, 2013 4:35:05 GMT -5
Avatar112boy: I believe you would need to become an admin to do that Piper Halliwell :) Jun 23, 2013 16:51:35 GMT -5
Drama: Glad to see people stop by every once in a while. We all appreciate it. Dec 21, 2013 17:56:05 GMT -5
Chris: Aww Drama I missed you...dammit :( Hope you're having a great holiday!! Dec 22, 2013 21:40:53 GMT -5 *
Astral Echo: Yeah it's lovely to see people still think of us! :) Jan 1, 2014 16:07:24 GMT -5
Avatar112boy: Of course! :D I'll never lose hope that C:RR will return! Jan 4, 2014 16:40:33 GMT -5
JustEs: Me, too. Or at least an Episode Guide to show us what would've happened.... Jan 5, 2014 10:11:24 GMT -5
whitelighter: Loving this site. I can't believe I've never heard of this. Just submitted some thoughts of my own in a thread, though I'm not sure if anyone will see it. It is a little empty here, but it would be nice to see things up and running! :) Jan 17, 2014 10:31:56 GMT -5
Astral Echo: Just read Reset Reality Check again for some inspiration and cried... Mar 3, 2014 22:08:26 GMT -5
Xenith: OMG me too. The news of TWoP closing hit me hard, as that is what actually originally got me into Charmed. Without Damian's recaps and the TWoP forums I never would have gotten into Charmed like I did. Apr 1, 2014 22:53:06 GMT -5
Xenith: So after furiously downloading a number of recaps before they go into the ether in a few thoughts wandered back to this site and how I always meant to finish saving our eps into PDF before they dissapeared. And so I started re-reading them. Apr 1, 2014 22:55:21 GMT -5
Xenith: It is a shame that CRR seemingly ended when it did. I actually just found my lost flashdrive from years ago of ideas I had yet to pitch on top of all the other stuff we already had planned if we could go the extra 3 seasons we wanted. Apr 1, 2014 22:57:54 GMT -5 *