The Book Of Shadows


Xenith: P Baxter had some similarities to Piper's stronger personality post Prue's death, but she was also so an adulteress...which is a rather large personality change IMHO. So assuming Micah = Mitch is a big leap to me. Jan 22, 2015 14:26:47 GMT -5 *
Xenith: The vision the Founders showed the Charmed Ones of the possible future in the finale that the sisters chose over an uncertain one with Andrea. Flashforward may not have been the right term but my brain is unable to pull up the right one at the moment. Jan 22, 2015 14:30:54 GMT -5
JustEs: Yup, thinking about it, you're probably right. So you're right - get rid of both Mitch and Glenn - both were boring. Jan 22, 2015 16:53:13 GMT -5
JustEs: Both Paige and Prue deserve someone so much better than either of them. Jan 22, 2015 16:54:07 GMT -5
JustEs: Also keep in mind that since you guys are saying that P. Baxter was Piper, that Piper was also an adulteress. When she screwed around with the fireman, almost making Chris half-firefighter rather than half-whitelighter, Piper and Leo were not divorced. Jan 23, 2015 12:18:29 GMT -5 *
JustEs: They were just separated, just like P. Baxter and her husband might have been. We don't even know if P. Baxter and Past Dan were married when she and Past Leo had their affair. So there are more similarities between the two of them than you might think. Jan 23, 2015 12:18:53 GMT -5 *
JustEs: Of course, that's one of the things you fixed here, thank God! Jan 23, 2015 12:19:03 GMT -5
Avatar112boy: I'm not here to discredit others writing capabilities but I believe CRR was successful because of all four of the staff (plus Es for some ideas for the series) I find it hard to believe how it would work without anyone of you four. Jan 23, 2015 19:38:34 GMT -5
Avatar112boy: However, as Es has stated in the s7 thread, members' thoughts on how the series would continue would prove to be a very fun and interesting discussion. Jan 23, 2015 19:40:30 GMT -5
JustEs: But you have to give Fourever Charmed the credit she deserves - without her writing ability, we never would've gotten three seasons... Jan 24, 2015 4:51:57 GMT -5
Avatar112boy: Oh of course! That's what I'm saying. They all have their strengths and roles in this series. FC's was the writing. I think you misunderstood me, it would be hard for me to see CRR continue without its head writer, Fourever Charmed. Jan 24, 2015 13:29:33 GMT -5
Avatar112boy: I hope this makes more sense? Jan 24, 2015 13:30:05 GMT -5
Avatar112boy: By four I meant; Astral Echo (Dan), Drama (Jackie), Xenith, & Fourever Charmed (Camille) They are CRR to me. I mentioned you Es because I'm almost pretty sure you helped in the beginning. I'm all about the credit giving. Jan 24, 2015 13:40:43 GMT -5
Astral Echo: Thank you for your humbling words Avatar. You're very kind and I'm so glad the series meant so much to you. Jan 24, 2015 13:50:13 GMT -5
Astral Echo: For those that are interested. We were actually featured in a REAL LIFE BOOK! Jan 24, 2015 14:02:02 GMT -5
Astral Echo: Jan 24, 2015 14:02:34 GMT -5
Avatar112boy: Wow, a great achievement I say! And you're very welcome (: Jan 24, 2015 14:34:31 GMT -5
Drama: Wow. That's interesting. I think our style is more play than screen. Especially because it's just text on a website instead of the format you can do in a program. Jan 28, 2015 18:54:31 GMT -5
JustEs: Yup, I'll agree with that. But it's a play done like a TV show with the episodes and the characters and the credits. You guys did a great job combining both. Jan 29, 2015 19:27:43 GMT -5
Astral Echo: Well your enthusiasm is certainly infectious guys and girls! Jan 31, 2015 13:01:16 GMT -5