The Book Of Shadows


Chris: The site isn't really closed... you can still read the episodes. But the people behind C:RR has pretty much moved on persay because of school and their careers. Apr 19, 2013 21:50:08 GMT -5
Prince Charming: Good to know Chris :-). Hope it will be a new season soon May 18, 2013 2:57:59 GMT -5
Piper Halliwell: If I want to add new episodes (Seasons), who do I contact? Jun 12, 2013 4:35:05 GMT -5
Avatar112boy: I believe you would need to become an admin to do that Piper Halliwell :) Jun 23, 2013 16:51:35 GMT -5
Drama: Glad to see people stop by every once in a while. We all appreciate it. Dec 21, 2013 17:56:05 GMT -5
Chris: Aww Drama I missed you...dammit :( Hope you're having a great holiday!! Dec 22, 2013 21:40:53 GMT -5 *
Astral Echo: Yeah it's lovely to see people still think of us! :) Jan 1, 2014 16:07:24 GMT -5
Avatar112boy: Of course! :D I'll never lose hope that C:RR will return! Jan 4, 2014 16:40:33 GMT -5
JustEs: Me, too. Or at least an Episode Guide to show us what would've happened.... Jan 5, 2014 10:11:24 GMT -5
whitelighter: Loving this site. I can't believe I've never heard of this. Just submitted some thoughts of my own in a thread, though I'm not sure if anyone will see it. It is a little empty here, but it would be nice to see things up and running! :) Jan 17, 2014 10:31:56 GMT -5
Astral Echo: Just read Reset Reality Check again for some inspiration and cried... Mar 3, 2014 22:08:26 GMT -5
Xenith: OMG me too. The news of TWoP closing hit me hard, as that is what actually originally got me into Charmed. Without Damian's recaps and the TWoP forums I never would have gotten into Charmed like I did. Apr 1, 2014 22:53:06 GMT -5
Xenith: So after furiously downloading a number of recaps before they go into the ether in a few thoughts wandered back to this site and how I always meant to finish saving our eps into PDF before they dissapeared. And so I started re-reading them. Apr 1, 2014 22:55:21 GMT -5
Xenith: It is a shame that CRR seemingly ended when it did. I actually just found my lost flashdrive from years ago of ideas I had yet to pitch on top of all the other stuff we already had planned if we could go the extra 3 seasons we wanted. Apr 1, 2014 22:57:54 GMT -5 *
Piper Halliwell: I know what you mean Xenith. Where there any ideas of season 7 and forward? And what kind of ideas was it? Apr 18, 2014 18:15:46 GMT -5
Xenith: That will be up to Astral to share if he ever wants to say or open our private area up. It's his baby so I dunno if he has given up on it, or thinks there is a chance of revival. So yeah not going to give any plot specifics. Apr 21, 2014 16:25:28 GMT -5
Xenith: There were definitely plans for an S7, although some specifics were still in the works like how to get where we wanted to get from our premiere. FC suddenly vanishing left us in the lurch as to what she had in mind to fix things how we intended them. Apr 21, 2014 16:33:30 GMT -5
Xenith: Actually before FC vanished we had actually all briefly talked about possibly going up to an S9 there was so much general material we thought we could potentially play with although the main direction of S8 was still up in the air. Apr 21, 2014 16:41:00 GMT -5
Piper Halliwell: Oh. Bummer. Well. When I get my forum up and running, I'll link to this site and brag abit:-). Just need some moderators[br]... I really hope that there will be a s7. I'm totally into getting it back in action again Apr 22, 2014 18:12:20 GMT -5
Chris: I dunno why, but for some reason C:RR popped into my head. I like how I always end up right back here from time to time. I'm definitely gonna read back through the episodes since they're so amazing :D Aug 6, 2014 2:48:49 GMT -5